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As a general dentist in Brantford, we provide comprehensive dental treatment. Our practice is fully digitalized, allowing your visit to be efficient and seamless.  All patient files are electronic and we utilize digital x-rays and ortho-panoramic radiographs.  Brantford Central Dental is at 388 St. Paul Ave and close to Laurier University.  We accept student dental care plans and offer student discounts.  Please inquire about university student benefits when scheduling your dental appointment.


 Upon your first visit to our dental office, we will have you undergo a comprehensive dental exam and treatment planning with diagnostics and a full set of x-rays. After evaluating your current oral health, we will discuss your treatment options with you, and help prioritize your needs. We will also try to complete a full dental cleaning and periodontal assessment.


 Brantford Central Dental can meet all of your dental needs. We conveniently offer multiple treatments under one roof, making your dental process seamless and prompt. By performing most procedures in house, specialist referrals are not needed, which allows patients to receive treatment sooner than if they were having to be sent to a referred doctor. By treating multiple dental issues in house, we cut down on the time a patient waits for treatment, which could potentially prevent further problems.


 We recommend that patients start seeing a dentist at three years old, and continue regular exams and cleanings twice annually, or more often depending on their periodontal status. We also suggest an orthodontic consultation for patients as early as around 5-6 years old.


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